Imagine; sitting casually, informally, with great respect and preparation with Albert Einstein discussing together what it means to be a human being at the dawn of the 21st century. In its own way, Always Awakening creates a similar experience. As Tenzin Priyadarshi, President and CEO, The Dalai Lama Center for Ethics and Transformative Values at MIT notes:

Samdhong Rinpoche is a rare gem within the Tibetan Buddhist world and perhaps one of the most lucid and original thinkers. His interactions with J. Krishnamurti will remain one of the most prized encounters in the contemporary Indian spiritual and philosophical landscape.

Membership gives opens fill access to over fifteen-hours, plus transcripts, sitting with the only Buddhist in the world with Samdhong Rinpoche’s training, his culture and tradition, his global position as a scholar, one who has worked his entire life alongside the Dalai Lama – a man who, in addition to all this, spent many years in personal dialogue with J. Krishnamurti.

There are times when it is possible to imagine that a conversation between a real life Gautama Buddha and a real life J. Krishnamurti might have sounded very much like the conversation between Samdhong Rinpoche and Michael Mendizza in this book. It is a dialogue of utter impeccability and integrity. Those wishing to listen to the voice of liberation can do no better than to have a ringside seat to this conversation.

Mu Soeng
Resident Scholar at the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies; a former Zen monk, and author of "The Heart of the Universe: Exploring the Heart Sutra"; "Trust in Mind: The Rebellion of Chinese Zen"; and other books.

Always Awakening is the most important book on Krishnamurti ever written and I have read them all. Reading slowly, listening quietly I am finding jewels of insight on every page. I understand Krishnamurti more directly and the same can be said of my understanding of Buddhism.

James Paul
Former chair of the Krishnamurti Foundation of America Board of Trustees.